kaana karunguyile song

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Karunguyile is an old-school Hawaiian word for “what’s the matter?” and that means that what’s happening in the world right now matters. The same goes for what happens to us. We just “know” that we will be ok.

Karunguyile is a song I learned from my dad when I was younger. It’s about taking a stand for what you believe in, whether it be in the world or in yourself. It’s also about being strong and determined, because like any other battle, you must choose your side and fight for what you believe in.

I can’t describe it any better than that. It’s just a song that you need to pay attention to. It’s one of my favorite songs. And the most annoying thing about it is that we don’t have any lyrics. All we have is a video that’s trying to show us how powerful we can be.

That video is the best thing about Kaana Karunguyile. The song is not to tell you how to be a better person, but to show you how strong you can be. It shows you how to not give up even when you feel like giving up.

Kaana Karunguyile is the second Kaana I have seen. The first was Kaana Karunguyile as she gave us a few glimpses into her mind. The second was Kaana Karunguyile in the context of her song. It has become one of the most memorable songs I have heard to date.

The song has its own name. Kaana Karunguyile has come out as the name of a movie based on the song, and it’s not a movie, but a song. I’ve heard many movie soundtracks called Kaana Karunguyile and Kaana Karunguyile, and it’s been one of my favorite movies to watch, especially the one in which the song is played. Kaana Karunguyile is a song.

I’ve often heard Kaana Karunguyile and Kaana Karunguyile both refer to the song as Kaana Karunguyile and Kaana Karunguyile by the name Kaana Karunguyile. It’s a clever joke, but I’ve always thought that if a movie is about a person or a song being played in a movie, then that song should be played in the movie.

I think it’s really interesting that a movie such as Kaanay Kulari, which focuses on the story of a musical played during a festival, can have a song played in it. I think it’s because Kaana Karunguyile and Kaana Karunguyile is a song. I think Kaanay Kulari is a movie.

A song by Kaana Karunguyile is a brilliant song, but its a very clever song. The lyrics are very catchy, and it’s really refreshing that it’s a very clever song.

The song is very interesting, but the song should be played in the movie.

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