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I love memes. They are fun, funny, and often show us how people can be both clueless and downright stupid at the same time. I mean, I know about this one, but I’ll leave that one up for the rest of you.

Yeah, so I guess I’m not the only one who thinks that memes are a little creepy. I mean, I think maybe everyone knows that if you don’t know what a meme is or isn’t, then you’re not all that special. But I’m definitely not the only one who thinks that the internet doesn’t really know what a meme is, so to speak. That’s why I think this is such a great meme.

I know, I like memes. I also like memes about memes, but in this case, the internet is the meme. And I guess that makes me a little bit of a meme-hater.

I am very much a meme-hater. I love memes about memes, whether they be about religion, politics, or just the general weirdness of the internet in general. This is why I often go to the internet, because it is a very fun place to be. In fact, I sometimes find myself at a forum and just like to share memes (and sometimes jokes) with everyone. I also have to say that this meme is pretty funny.

This meme was created by a man named “Lyle” who was a fan of the internet, and this meme got a lot of attention because it was a great example of a meme being funny. That is, it wasn’t just a joke. In fact, it was almost entirely serious, because the internet is very serious.

The meme isn’t just funny because it shows an internet site in a good light, it is funny because it is an example of something which often happens when you get a meme in the news. It is a good example of how memes can be used in an interesting way. A lot of memes have come out of the news recently such as the “SJW” meme which shows the stereotypical views of women on the internet.

If you look at how the internet works, you will quickly realize that there are more than just a few memes that get posted every day. If you have a good idea for a meme, there are a lot of people who will spread it, and with good reason. The internet is full of memes, from the ridiculous to the useful.

Many memes are shared from one person to another. Often times this is because a group of people, such as the “Internet”, want to get something off their chests. There’s something about hearing the words “Internet” repeated that makes you realize you should probably be more careful or maybe just go back to the gym. Or maybe it’s just the group of people that are using the meme so it’s no longer funny.

The internet has its own language, and its own slang. One of the things that makes the internet unique is that there are so many different slang, and so many different ways to express the same thing. Sometimes these words are so strange that people don’t even know what they are saying.

And those slang words are the reason why we are able to be so random and crazy. Internet slang is like this weird language that everyone is using and has a unique way of expressing themselves. The internet is just used to talk about random things. There are memes and LOLs and everything, and people are just going to use them to talk about whatever random thing comes to mind.

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