how to write prologue


The best way to write a prologue is to think about what you want readers to know, before you begin. This allows you to make your story and your characters come alive.

Writers want their prologue to feel real, not fake. The more we think about our stories, the more real we want them to feel. We want our reader to feel like they’re actually there with us. When we write a prologue, we’re not just writing for ourselves. We’re writing for our audience, and to show them what we’re going to do with our stories.

In my opinion, the best prologue begins with a question. “What is it that you want to happen here?” A question can put your story in the right light, and it’s a great way to start your story. But it can also be used to jump into a scene in which you know you won’t be able to finish.

If you think about the best prologue, you know theyre gonna ask you a question that they are not expecting. That can be great, because then you know what to do and can go for a more exciting scene. But it can also be a bad prologue. We know it’s a bad prologue, because we know the character(s) we are writing about won’t be in it. That’s not to say that it shouldnt be a prologue.

There are many different styles of writing that you can use to start a story. But there is a specific style that works best for us. It is called the “one sentence prologue.” It begins with a single sentence, but the next sentence is so short that it is almost like an epilogue. This is the style that works best for us.

The one sentence prologue is short and sweet. It forces you to pause and think about what happens next. Because the main character’s story is so short, the reader needs time to react to what’s happening. This is very different from a full-fledged epilogue, which begins with a full paragraph of exposition. The one-sentence prologue gives the reader time to fully process the situation.

The prologue is short, but it is not one-sided. The first paragraph does give us a good sense of what is happening in the game, but the second paragraph gives us an idea of how the main characters are dealing with it. The prologue is an important part of developing the characters and the game. It’s how we connect with the characters that matters. In our prologue, we have a better idea of who the characters are and why they are in the game.

Writing a prologue is a difficult thing. When we were writing the first draft of this guide, we did not have much time to develop the characters. There was a lot of research to be done, and we were really trying to get a sense of how each player was feeling and what their motivations were. We had a very narrow window of time to do this, and so the prologue was really important.

This prologue is very important. If you are new to Deathloop, it can be very intimidating to begin with. No matter how good the prologue is, it will require a lot of work if you want to create a successful chapter. The first draft is only five pages, so the prologue is pretty long. When we finished writing the prologue, it was extremely difficult to get people to read it, but we did get a lot of positive feedback from the players.

The prologue isn’t just about the party island on Blackreef. It’s also about the world outside of it. The prologue is about a series of small-scale events that started happening to me only this morning. I’m not sure exactly why these events started happening, but they are very important to the story and the players will find them incredibly important as they play the game.


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