how do you spell inciting


I tend to use the word inciting because I hear it a lot. It’s often a word that comes to mind in a sentence, and since it’s been used so often, it can become a habit to use it as a verb.

In the world of storytelling, inciting is a verb. Its usage means that we are talking about the action of making something happen. And the action itself is the word. Like the word “induce,” it is a part of the whole we are speaking of.

Inciting, as a verb, means “to make someone do something,” but also “to cause a feeling of fear or alarm or terror in someone.” In the case of our video I think its best if we just use the word inciting because I think it really communicates the idea of the story we are telling.

I think its best to use the word inciting because it is really a part of that story that has the potential to frighten someone. Just think about what a person might do when they first hear about a story with a lot of scary images. The video is a good example because it starts with a lot of images, and then it gets more and more frightening. This is what I mean when I say that it is a good sign when a video starts with a lot of scary imagery.

You might be thinking of the movie “The Blair Witch Project,” which I think has that same kind of effect on people. We always want to believe a story where the story is happening to people we already know. But when we see it happening to people we don’t know, we can’t help but be shaken. As writer R.L.

says, we want to believe there is a story happening to us, but when it is happening to us, it does seem like we are the story.

I know, I know. I was thinking the same thing.

The Blair Witch Project was a movie with horror at its core. In our own movie, its a story about a group of people who go on a very disturbing and weirdly beautiful road trip. I think it is the same thing. But I dont know. Is there a story there? Is there a story happening to us? I am not sure, but I can tell you when I get a new book or movie, I get this vibe.

For me, it is the vibe that I get from a new book, or a movie, or a TV show. That is, when I see or experience something that sparks a story, I become aware of the story it is in me. I know the story that is in me is coming. I am no longer just aware of the story, I am also the story.

I think it is the same thing. I dont know. Is there a story here, is this a movie, what is happening, I cant tell you. But I can tell you when I get a new book, or movie, or TV show, I get this vibe.


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