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These videos are funny because they aren’t just marketing videos. They are, of course, hilarious marketing videos. They are funny because they are just videos that make me laugh.

The first video, which the website calls a “short vlog in my own words,” is a hilarious marketing video that tells an interesting story. The story is about a marketing firm that is trying to get a company to buy a product. They’re having trouble because the product they’re wanting to buy isnt really a popular one. However, they do find that a funny company (that happens to be a marketing firm) is interested in purchasing the product.

The marketing firm, which is also called a marketing agency, is called the New Advertising Agency. Theyre basically the agency that will be hired to buy a product from a company called “Candyland”. Theyre the agency that will buy the product, and theyre the agency that will be buying it. The company is run by a Mr. D-Man, which is a very odd name indeed.

It may not be a crazy enough name, but it definitely does find a very funny way to say it.

The marketing firm that is interested in buying Candyland is the following one: New Advertising Agency. We are the agency that will be buying Candyland.

Marketing videos are the most blatant form of advertising that I have seen. They show a product or service for sale, but they all have a funny twist. They are usually funny because they have no intention to actually sell the product, but instead only to mock and tease the company.

That’s the real joke, of course. We have a special brand of marketing that is designed to mock people. However, that brand doesn’t actually sell anything. It merely makes fun of marketers that are just trying to sell something, like in the case of the “Marketing Agency” in the above video.

The good news is that when we look at marketing videos, we usually see a parody of such a product, so it doesn’t matter if you like or hate the product. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate the product, because if you like it, then you know that it will sell itself.

It’s probably why we love parody marketing videos. In the case of the Marketing Agency video, it is clearly a parody of the Marketing Agency – the brand itself – but it also shows the inner-workings of the Marketing Agency. That’s why the brand is so hilarious. It’s not necessarily a parody of the product itself because it’s essentially a parody of the marketing professionals. It’s a parody of someone that has mastered marketing technique, and that’s why it’s so funny.

Its like watching a comedy version of a drama. You can tell its the real thing because it is so funny. The marketing agency is hilariously inept in one way, but its also a parody of the real thing because its so funny. Its not a parody of the product itself because it is a parody of the marketing and advertising professionals. Its a parody of someone that has mastered marketing technique, and thats why its so funny.

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