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I have often seen this in a person’s voice. “It’s such a good marketing thing to do!” or “Great promotion!” “I like it!” “I’ll buy it!” We are so quick to jump on the latest trend, trend, trend, trend, trend. We follow all the latest fads and new ways to get ahead.

In fact, I think it is more important to follow trends and not follow trends because in some ways, trends are bad because they can lead people to bad decisions. Sure, you can always have a few of those bad decisions that are good trends. For example, if you follow a trend, you might watch a video on the way to a party and find yourself dancing to a song that makes you feel good.

The good news is that the latest trend is the trend of using technology to make a person’s life easier. That trend is using social media, messaging apps, and other tools to make life easier on those who spend less time at home.

I’m in a group where marketing is a bit of a fad. I’ve never seen anyone do more than post an ad on Facebook during the Super Bowl ad campaign, which is a bit extreme, but I’m not really that extreme. However, I’ve seen the trend of marketing more in the past couple years than any other time. It’s not just Facebook. There are plenty of marketing-oriented blogs, forums, and other resources that are dedicated to this trend.

Many companies who are marketing themselves on the Web don’t realize that they’re marketing. They think that they’re just providing a service or something that the person looking for this service must do themselves. Or someone else is just a marketing consultant. Those of us who are marketing or creating apps (or whatever) know that the person looking for this app or app that we make is the one who will use it.

“Feature marketing” is a buzzword used to describe the practice of marketing a product or service by making that product or service so useful or cool that it becomes its own thing, rather than being an add-on to another product or service.

Feature marketing has been around for a long time. In most marketing, the customer is the product. When you sell a product you are the customer. When you sell a service you are the service. When you sell a book you are the author, when you sell a car you are the customer. Or, in the case of a car, you are the customer and the car is the product.

Let’s break it down.

Feature Marketing is when you make the product or service something else. For example, if you’re an author, you might make your book’s cover something else, or you might make your book’s title something else. Or, if you’re a video game developer, you might make your game’s title something else. Or, maybe you’re a carmaker and you make the car the product and the customer is the car. Or maybe you’re a clothing brand and the customer is the clothing.

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