A Productive Rant About factorial of negative number


This is a fact about our mind. We think we are all the way down on the right side, and then as we get back up to the top we are left with a negative number.

This is a fact about our brain. We are always in factorial of the negative number. We think that’s all there is, but then we realize that the bottom is infinitely larger than the top.

A friend told me this the other day. I’d forgotten what he said until I saw it in a blog post. What I actually said was this: We are all infinite, but we are all finite.

You may be thinking that the bottom is infinitely larger than the top. Well, that is a common illusion. This is why we have to come back to this. We come back to it every single day, and we come back to it in our sleep. We can’t ever get too far away from it.

The factorial is the number of units that a given number in a given number space equals. This can be made to work for any number, but it’s so important to make sure that the number space is a finite number of units.

We can come back to this every single day, but we can never get too far away from it. This is why we need to think about factorials. By coming back to it, we can see the vast difference it makes in our actions. If we always think of the bottom as infinite, we are constantly making infinite choices, and we never see the big picture.

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