ethernet is a wired technology that is defined by ____ standards.


Ethernet is a technology that refers to the various standards that are applied to the technology, and you can learn more about it here.

The technology that connects computers together can get a bad name. We recently had a customer who had a major issue with their new computer. When we got in touch with them, they explained that they had to move their old server to a different location because they couldn’t get connected. They’d just purchased a new server from them, and now they only had a single connection to their local network.

There is a common misconception about ethernet that it is a wired technology. That is simply not true. Ethernet is a “Wireless” technology. The wires are in fact wireless, which is why it is called wireless. The way the cable is connected to the computer is wireless as well, and the ethernet is just a type of wireless cable.

When you buy a computer the ethernet connection is wired in, so when you plug in a cable it is physically connected to the computer so that it can be used as a network connection.

Wired connections are the most common wired connections to computers, and the ethernet is a wired connection. So if you plug it into a wall you are still connected to the computer, and it is still a wire.

Ethernet cables are also known as ethernet cables because they are wired cables that use the same standard protocol for both data and control. They connect to computers in much the same way as a phone line and a cable connects to a TV and a data line connects to a computer.

There are some wireless connections that also use the same standard, but the actual technology used to connect to a wireless computer is called wi-fi. In the case of this link, you’re connecting to the internet with a wireless connection. This isn’t that new, but it is a big upgrade to old technology.

You might think ethernet would be a standard to which the internet is bound, with all the same protocols and standards. Wrong. The protocol for ethernet is an entirely different thing from the physical wires that run between computers. There are no wires, and there are no computers. This is the internet. This is really just a method of connecting computers and devices that runs on ethernet.

In other words, Ethernet is not a physical technology, but a method of connecting connected computers and devices. It uses a form of computer networking that has no physical physical connection between the computers. Therefore its protocol is entirely different from the physical ethernet wires that connect computer to computer.

Ethernet is a form of wireless technology. But what is actually happening when you’re using Ethernet to connect computers and devices? That is where things get interesting.

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