error: cannot find module ‘express’ Explained in Instagram Photos


It might be that you’ve installed express-generator, but that isn’t always the case. I’m not suggesting you install it, but it’s possible that you have the Express module installed, but you don’t have the Express-generator module installed.

If youre asking yourself, “Why is my Express module so bad?” then look at the module’s documentation. The module documentation is the best place to go for help. If you look at the module documentation, youll see that it lists all the modules that it has, and lists all the dependencies of those modules. In your case, the module dependencies are Express, and express-generator.

If you want to install Express to be able to use the module, and you dont have the Express-generator module installed, you have to install the Express generator module first. To install the Express generator module, you can use this command: module-dependency-check –show-missing. If youre using a recent version of node, you dont really need to run this command.

We use Express for the routing, and we have no direct dependencies on Express so we can safely install it. But if you want to install Express-generator, you can use this command npm install –save express-generator. In the example below, it installs express-generator.

If you use the above command to install the Express generator module, it will ask you for some options. You can either type those options in the terminal or use the npm command module-dependency-check to find out what they are. This output is the same regardless of how you use the command.

module-dependency-check tells you the modules you depend on. If it doesn’t find any module called express, it will report that. In the case of node-express, it will report that there is no package called express installed.

Yeah, there you go.

I just updated my express module in an attempt to fix this problem with express. You can see the version number if you check the package.json file. In our case, the version of the node-express package was a lot older than the version of express.

Yeah, node-express is almost 18 months old. And it definitely doesn’t look like it works any better these days. However, there are a number modules that are dependent on express, so if you have a very old node-express installed somewhere, you could try an older node-express. If it doesn’t work, then try reinstalling node-express.

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