elements of a fable


I am not a very good listener. I find when someone is speaking, I find it very hard to pay attention to what they are saying. I believe that is one reason why I am so good at writing fiction, I can hear pretty well without having to pay attention.

What an odd way to start a dialogue, but hey, I’m a writer and I do have to listen to people.

It’s a good way to start, but not necessarily the way to go about it. When I start a dialogue with a speaker, I make sure to ask questions and listen to the answers from the person I am speaking with. If I seem to be bored or angry with the answer, then I might be better of writing from my point of view, or even writing about my point of view.

The point of writing is to provide a written representation of your thoughts and feelings, not necessarily to provide the answers for someone else. So if you want to be a writer, it’s important to listen to what you write. If you find yourself going off on tangents, it’s important to be able to articulate your point of view.

Writing is one of those things that seems to have no clear definition. Some people believe that the purpose of a writer is to provide answers for other people, but that may not be the case. I think that the most important thing about a writer is to provide insight and perspective. In order to do that, it’s important to give your own point of view.

Fables and stories are very similar. The main difference between the two is that fables tend to be about a specific person (usually the hero), while stories are about a group of people. The most famous fable in history is probably the story about the Three Wise Men, a story that most people know by heart.

Fables and stories are often told in a way that may make it seem as though the story is written by the main character. The problem with that is that the main character is usually not in control of the story. In the case of the Three Wise Men, the main character is the Fool, who is responsible for bringing people together. But in fables and stories, the main character also has a lot of control over the outcome.

Fables and stories can fall into the same category as fables and stories. Fables and stories can be written by people who are also the main characters. They can also be written by people who want to take control of the story. In the case of the Three Wise Men, the writer of the fable wanted to create an allegory for the Fool and the Wise Men.

The main characters in The Three Wise Men weren’t the Fool and the Wise Men. In The Three Wise Men, the main character is the Fool. The Wise Men are the main characters. The three Wise Men were simply the three people who had control over the Fool’s life. Fables and stories are just stories we’ve created to make people laugh, cry, or otherwise express our feelings.


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