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The continuum theory of consciousness is one of the more popular theories in science. It focuses on the idea that all of the different levels of consciousness exist in a continuum and that some are higher than others.

A similar theory that has been popularized by D. B. Maclaren and his group at the University of Edinburgh, the continuum theory claims that the brain is divided into a number of separate regions or “brain regions” that operate on different time scales. This theory doesn’t agree with the findings of neuroscientific research, but it does seem to be popular.

The hypothesis is based on the idea that the different brain regions are involved in different processes and that the brain can be understood as a system. Some of the regions are responsible for processing information at a very quick rate. This includes the sensory cortex, the frontal cortex, the temporal cortex, and the motor cortex. The other regions are responsible for processing information at a slower rate, such as the limbic cortex.

The idea of different brain regions is popular and seems to have an impact on many a new product: the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the Xbox, the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo DS, the Nokia E6 and the Nokia N9. It’s as if the technology is just more intuitive and just better. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.

We’ll let you make your own choice. But I would expect at least a slight improvement in the user interface.

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