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To all those people who have been asking me for the third part of my campaign finance report, I got some good news. I have enough money to continue covering my campaign through the end of June (I know, I know, I should have waited until the end of the year).

There was a lot of noise last week about “someone” being the donor behind the $100,000 donation from chris christie. But that person was a guy I met in New York City. He was the second person to ever give that much to my campaign. His first was a guy who was a lawyer who was helping me with a lawsuit against the tobacco industry, but this time it’s someone who is actually helping me with a campaign.

The reason he donated is because of his feelings for my campaign. In a way I’m not sure why. But even if he’s not being sincere, I’m glad that he gave because it means I have a good chance of getting my money back. He gave because he’s a guy who’s been helped by me and his family, and I hope that helps him.

Its Chris Christie. He is the guy who has donated the most money to my campaign, and at this time Im only up to a $10,000 donation. He is my first actual supporter. I think I will have the funds to donate after his first, but I am glad that his first donation was a good one. I think its a good sign that he is willing to take a chance and give his support to me instead of someone else.

I wish Chris Christie had given more money. He is a very good man, and I hope that he will help raise my money for me and for all the other charities I support. I also hope I will be able to donate more to charity. He is a good man also, and I hope that we can help each other, and I hope the people that help us out will be able to support this new campaign, as well.

Chris isn’t just giving to me. He is also donating to the causes that he supports, and he is also donating to charities and companies that are helping to raise money for them. He is also donating to the candidates he supports as well. It seems like he wants to give money to charity in the same way he wants to give money to the candidates that he supports.

I don’t think Chris would be doing this if he had not already decided that he was going to give money to the candidates that he supports in the future. He’s probably just trying to get a check out of something, and I think he’d be much more likely to donate money to people in his campaign if he was already donating to them in the future anyway.

Chris is a Republican, and if he were to donate money to candidates, he would probably donate to Republicans, as opposed to Democrats. But Chris has a long history of donating to Democrats, most notably to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

A campaign finance expert told me that Chris’s donations to Democratic candidates in the future are probably not going to be a problem. He’s a Republican who is known to support Democrats, so he’d be donating to Democrats as well, even if he wasn’t donating to the Republican Party today.

The only reason that I can see for Chriss donating to a Republican is because Chris was an early endorser of John McCain for president. This would also explain why Chris is donating more to Republicans than to Democrats. Chris has donated to both GOP and Democratic candidates, which is a small price to pay for supporting one of the two major parties, but a lot more of one of the two major parties.

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