a(n) is a material that takes in a wave when the wave hits it!

soundwaves, loudspeaker, music @ Pixabay

It is a common misconception that waves can only be seen in the ocean. This is not true, as we will see with this material, a(n). A wave is any disturbance that carries energy through space and time.

Waves are mostly used for recreational purposes such as surfing or swimming in the ocean. However, there are also many types of waves that have different effects on materials.

Some examples include gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves. And now you know about one more type: soundwaves! 

background, rainbow, sound @ Pixabay

A wave takes place when something bumps against an object which then causes vibrations to spread out through it… When these vibrations reach our eardrums, they turn into sounds! Therefore if an object like glass hits another surface nearby such as metal.


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