a(n) ________ is the portion of virus code that is unique to a particular computer virus

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You may think you know everything about viruses, but there are many that exist out there that you have never heard of. Here is a list of 10 viruses you didn’t know existed!

1) __: this virus was first detected in the 1980s and can only infect Microsoft Word documents. The virus can be transmitted to other computers when someone who does not have the latest version of Microsoft Office opens or saves a document containing this type of virus on their computer.

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2) __: this virus is spread by email attachments and displays an image file with the text “you’ve got mail” on your screen every time an email comes into your inbox. It also has a payload that will delete all files from your hard drive. (etc) The text of this blog post is copyrighted by the writer, who retains all rights to it. The content can only be reproduced with explicit written permission from the copyright holder. By browsing and reading these pages you are agreeing not to reproduce any part of them without authorization in writing from the author or her agent.

If you would like more information about reproduction permissions please contact __ at their email address (they will provide a list for specific types of usage). Written consent must also include an agreement in which both parties understand what they are agreeing to regard remuneration if any use is made that warrants payment or there was no previous agreement on price before work began on said project and completed product was delivered as agreed upon


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