a(n) ________ is a well-developed set of ideas that proposes an explanation for observed phenomena

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My theory is that __. I think it’s because of __. To test my theory, I did a study and found out that __. My theory is supported by __, which is also my main argument.

The rest of the text: To see if this blog post was true or not, I had to test it out and do a study on what I thought would happen with a group of people in order for me to find out how valid my hypothesis actually was.

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What I found during that time period really surprised me because while there were things that did go as planned (my data proved that), there are also some aspects where other variables came into play and might have impacted the results even though they weren’t accounted for beforehand.

It didn’t stop at just one variable either; several more factors got thrown into the mix and altered everything from what we knew about.


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