a(n) ________ is a type of entrepreneur who prefers to keep his or her business small

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Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It’s difficult to balance the need for profit with the need for a living wage, and it takes a lot of time to build up your company. In this blog post, we will discuss five qualities that you should know if you are interested in being a successful small business entrepreneur! To learn more about these qualities, read on! [continue writing the next sentences of the long-form content] Now try the next reading comprehension task.

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Long-form content: Many people think that they are entrepreneurs, but the truth is most of them are not. There’s a big difference between being an entrepreneur and just having your own business or even owning a company. Entrepreneurship is about risk-taking, self-employment, independence from corporate culture and management structures with few outside shareholders or lenders.

It means taking control of all aspects of the running of their enterprise including raising funds (or investing if you’re lucky). For many years it was seen as something only suited to those who had high levels of education and financial backing but recent research has shown that there are plenty more opportunities available if you know where to look! Do __ understand entrepreneurship? 


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