a(n) ________ is a chamber that isolates the subject from the external environment

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A common misconception about __ is that they are only used for experiments. In reality, they have many other uses as well.

For example, a __ can be used to clean up hazardous materials or isolate an individual from the external environment if necessary. In addition, many hospitals have a __ to help treat patients with chest infections. By using the __, doctors can avoid exposing their patients to germs while still providing them with appropriate care.

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The following are some of the most well-known types of __:

The glove box is used in laboratories for chemical experiments and sample preparation (e.g., cleaning). Sometimes it’s also referred to as an “airlock” or “clean room.” These chambers usually allow no air exchange between inside and outside areas; instead, they use HEPA filters that remove particulates from any incoming airflow into the chamber.; [ ]–Glass walls enclose this device which uses negative pressure to keep contaminants out.; 


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