a(n) _____ resembles a verb and defines specific tasks that an object can perform?

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The word “verb” comes from the Latin word for “to do.” __ is a verb when it performs an action. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss 8 words that are verbs because they define specific tasks that objects can perform.

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Actions: __ is a verb, and it denotes the performance of an action. Verbs can be transitive or intransitive. Transitive verbs act on their object by means of direct contact; intransitive verbs do not require any external agent to perform them. 

Collocations: __ is a verb when it performs an action. To express this idea in English, we use the word “verb.” [link]

English Vocabulary Definitions: The word “__” derives from Latin and denotes the performance of an act or duty. (noun) When the term refers to speech, the meaning becomes more specific; a verbal description may be given for what was observed. (adjective) __ can refer to any object that lends itself to being handled by humans and includes containers such as bags or boxes.,(adjacent words are synonyms-definition provided next). A box well suited for carrying objects is called a suitcase.; A noun used with cards means card playing equipment consisting of two packs.


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