a(n) _____ is where companies store and process data

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A data centre is a facility that houses computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage devices. The data centre can be located in different geographical zones for redundancy and resiliency reasons. Data centres have to meet certain requirements before they are deemed fit for purpose including the availability of power, cooling capability, physical security, fire suppression system, location near populated areas or connected with fibre optic cables etc…

What is a data centre?

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A data centre is where companies store and process data. A typical modern facility will have raised floors, rows of cages in metal racks that can be cooled with airflow from below the floor (cold aisles) or via extraction vents on top of the racks (hot aisles).

There are also server clusters that share cooling systems collectively; these may contain hundreds of servers or more than one thousand. The computers within each cluster use relatively low-powered 64-bit processors running Linux kernel to manage network traffic as well as other general-purpose tasks such as email, video editing etc… The Telx World Trade Center has an energy-efficient design that uses indirect distribution for both heating and air conditioning.


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