a(n) _____ is any instance where the product or service fails to meet customer requirements

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When we choose a career, it is with the hope that this will be our life’s work. However, many people find themselves disillusioned by their job choice and are left wondering if they should change careers.

In this blog post, we will discuss considerations for your next career moves in order to help you make an informed decision about your future. Even if you are feeling disillusioned with your job choice, it is important to ask yourself these questions.

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These questions will help you identify what aspects of the career path are not working for you and whether or not a change in professions would be beneficial: “Do I have the skills necessary for my desired occupation?” “Can I afford to make this switch?” “What’s stopping me from switching careers at this point?” “Does the new career align with my passions or values?”

If none of those things seems like they factor into your decision-making process, consider asking someone who has made that transition before. It never hurts to bounce ideas off other people.


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