a(n) _____ is a region where fresh water and salt water mix.,

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Have you ever wondered what the effects of mixing fresh water and salt water are? If you have, then this blog post is for you! We will discuss the following topics: -The difference between freshwater and saltwater -How they interact with each other -What happens when they mix together -The environmental impacts on both types of water. How they interact with each other: The salt water is denser than the freshwater. The fresh water floats on top of the salt water due to this difference, which can create problems for aquatic plants who need oxygen and sunlight from the surface in order to grow. What happens when they mix together: When these two types of waters meet, a process called “emulsification” occurs where living organisms like plankton are mixed into both layers. This mixture results in increased salinity levels that kill off many types of fish species and aquatic plant life over time. The environmental impacts on both types of water: There are also changes at an ecological level as well; because there will be less dissolved oxygen present when the mixing occurs,


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