Accidental mobilization

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Mobilization accidents are a serious matter. They can lead to severe injury and even death in some cases, which is why it’s important that you know how to prevent them from happening. This blog post shares with you the top 11 ways that you can prevent accidental mobilization so your employees stay safe on the job. 

Make sure your employees are wearing their fall protection equipment before they start any work. If you discover that someone has not been using their safety gear, make it a top priority to correct the situation as soon as possible so no one gets hurt. Employees should be notified about how important this is in advance and reminded throughout the day of what needs to happen if they’re caught without their gear on. 4.5: Mobilisation | Darkin Architects

Ensure that all tools used for building or dismantling structures have guards or shields with them at all times when workers are around them. These would include things like saws and drills where people could accidentally get pinched by fast moving parts, hammers which might hit an individual’s head because there was nowhere else for the person holding them go.


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