Hard to live without AC.

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The sun was out and it was hot outside, but I didn’t seem to notice. I had been driving for hours in the sweltering heat with my windows rolled up, and all of a sudden my car’s air conditioner broke. When I finally realized what was happening, it seemed like an eternity before I could find somewhere cool enough to stop so that I could get some relief from the heat.

An air conditioner is a great invention because it makes life much easier in the summer when you can’t control the temperature. For example, if I had to use my car’s AC all day, then I would have no escape from the heat at home or work. However, an ac only works when driving and has little effect inside of buildings where people spend most of their time during hot weather like cars with windows rolled up and offices without windows opened.

How about this idea instead: more public places opening so that there are opportunities for relief such as libraries and gyms. Air Conditioners make summers bearable by providing some cold relief, but what does one do while they’re not on the go?

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