An Odyssey where it all began,

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The Odyssey is one of the earliest surviving works of Western literature and tells the long story of an eventful journey. This epic poem reflects a blend of literary genres that were popular in ancient Greece: heroic adventure, pastoral, allegory, and myth.

It has been argued that these different story types are unified by what some call “the Homeric tradition” or “the odyssey plot.” The work’s title can be translated as either The Odyssey or Travels (literally: “the things we have heard”) with much debate over which translation is more appropriate.

This article is about the odyssey and how it has impacted today. Starting with when Homer wrote The Odyssey, this article goes on to talk about Odysseus as a character in past literature. It also talks about modern-day adaptations of The Odyssey including Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters (2013) based off the novel by Rick Riordan and Disney’s Hercules (1997).

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The title for this post was decided upon because everyone has their own journey. Whether that be going to work each day or traveling around the world, decisions are made every second which shape our lives. And we’re always trying to find where we belong while still figuring out who we are–just like Odysseus did on his voyage home from Troy.


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