Epic story of Odysseus

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The protagonist of the story, Odysseus, has been traveling for many years and is finally returning home. But his journey back to Ithaca will not be easy. He must confront all sorts of obstacles before he can make it back to Penelope and their son Telemachus.

Odysseus is not the only character on a quest. The suitors, who have been courting Penelope and spending all of Odysseus’s wealth for years while he has been gone, are also trying to get home to their families.

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But they can’t go back until they find out what happened to Odysseus! Will these two quests end in victory or defeat? In this epic story, it takes as much courage and cunning for our protagonist Odysseus as well as his son Telemachus to save Ithaca from disaster. This story will show you how important family ties are in order to make your country prosper again.


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