Gods from Odessey.

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In the poem, “Gods from Odessey: Ac Odyssey Can You Save Phoibe,” by John Keats, he writes about how the gods are in charge of everything and he is powerless to do anything. He talks about how there is no hope for him and his love because they can’t escape their fate.

The speaker’s tone fluctuates throughout the poem as it progresses from feeling hopeless to being hopeful that maybe he will be saved or find a way out at some point. He feels helpless because if Zeus were one with them then this would not have happened.

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It seems like there was nothing anyone could’ve done either but appease her anger. There is no difference between an all-powerful god who punishes and a man who does. The speaker’s tone changes from hopeless to hopeful as the poem progresses in that it seems like there is always some hope for humans to escape their fate after all, but even if they do escape their fate then they will most likely have another one set up for them soon enough.

Hesiod tells about how Zeus plans out everything before hand and sets his plan into motion because he doesn’t think anyone can stop him from doing anything since he chooses what happens every day.

So just like Hesiod said, John Keats’ god has an agenda planned out already so no matter what people try to do nothing will change which makes any attempt at changing fate futile. The speaker talks about how thoughts of death.


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