abrasion can polish rock surfaces,

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What is abrasion?

Abrasion is defined as the mechanical wearing away of a surface by another. It can be used to polish rock surfaces and remove unwanted material to create the desired shape. Abrasion also occurs in nature through ecological processes, such as waves hitting shorelines at the beach. It can be used to remove unwanted material from a surface.

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When the process is carried out by people, it’s often called an abrader or less commonly in this context “polisher.” Abrasive materials applied to one side of the object and then rubbed with another piece of material using pressure. For example, sandpaper may be utilized for smoothing wood surfaces before painting them. Soapstone has also been widely used as a natural abrasive due to its hardness.  However, only certain parts (such as saws) were shaped around soapstone because too much exposure would have made other components brittle and unusable over time. The use of water power during the industrial revolution enabled new manufacturing processes that rely on

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