Abrasion and plucking generally involve what part of a glacier?

lake, snow, mountains @ Pixabay

Glaciers are one of the most powerful forces on earth, and they have a significant impact on our planet. There are two main processes that glaciers use to move: abrasion and plucking. These two processes can be seen in action during the various stages of a glacier’s life cycle.

lake, snow, mountains @ Pixabay

In this blog post, we will discuss what these two processes entail so you can get an idea of how glaciation works! Abrasion is the process by which rocks are worn away under the glacier’s weight. Glaciers slowly move across a surface, scraping up loose rock and dirt particles in their path. This material then gets pushed forward as it becomes trapped underneath advancing ice sheets.

Glacial abrasion can take place on steep mountain slopes or flat surfaces like plains that were once covered with forests before being stripped bare during glaciation periods of time. These processes will eventually turn mountains into plateaus over long periods of geological time! Plucking involves what part of the glacier?

when glaciers erode bedrock along their paths they create landforms such as cirques and moraines where there was formerly either vegetation or an existing landscape feature, but now only.


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