Abraham Maslow : Theory

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Seek out new experiences. To achieve self-actualization, get outside your comfort zone. It is common for people to seek out the familiar and avoid what they’re not used to in order to feel safe and secure; however, this can actually hinder one’s personal growth.

Abraham Maslow suggested that those who fulfill their potential have satisfied the need for safety and security by seeking new challenges that offer a sense of danger or uncertainty (Maslow). In other words, it’s important to do something different every once in awhile.

Back when I was living in New York City, I would go on long runs around Central Park almost every day , but because I had become so comfortable with my routine, my mind started wandering more and more.

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I found myself constantly thinking about different things rather than focusing on how my physical body felt with every step that I took, and this was really frustrating to me. So one day, after 18 miles of running around the park in a week’s time (which is A LOT), I told myself “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” , no matter what it was going to take or how much commitment it required from me, something had to change. So for the next few weeks, I started exploring other areas of NYC: Prospect Park in Brooklyn; Riverside Park by West 79th Street; Broadway at Times Square. And you know what? It made all the difference. My mind wasn’t just wandering now – it was occupied with figuring.


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