About how often does a 1-kilometer object strike earth?

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Earth is a lonely planet. We are the only living things on this small blue sphere that we call home, and it’s not because we’re so special. It’s because there really isn’t any other life out there for us to find! One of the most common questions when it comes to space exploration is “How often does a 1-kilometer object strike Earth”?

The answer may surprise you – each year, an average of one such object strikes our planet and causes significant damage or death. That means that every day, more than 100 million objects between 10 centimeters and 1 kilometer in size hit the Earth somewhere on its surface.

This post will explore how those impacts can play into your life: what could happen if one were to strike your hometown or the next city over. The post will also explore how often we have a close call with an asteroid, and what it would take for us to be able to deflect one if necessary.


And finally, this post will look at how these collisions can play into our culture – from ancient mythology that tells of their destruction as omens of change, to modern movies like Armageddon where they are part of the story line! This is my blog page on space exploration. It’s about why there isn’t life in space outside Earth and more specifically about asteroids hitting earth. Close calls happen every day so I’m exploring what could happen if you got hit by an asteroid or even just had a near.

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