about how many registered lobbyists are there in texas?,

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Many people wonder how many lobbyists there are in their state. In Texas, for example, there are a total of 3,265 registered lobbyists. This number is up from the previous year’s number of 2,868 registered lobbyists. So many lobbyists in Texas! What are they lobbying for? The most popular topics lobbied about by these registered lobbyists include guns, gambling, redistricting and public schools. These subjects all tie into important issues that Texans care about. It’s good to know what your representatives care about so you can make a difference in the future of our state! This is the end of this blog post. Hopefully you’ve learned a lot about lobbyists today! Useful Links: -Lobbyist Registration Search (txlobbywatch.com) -Name and Address Lookup for Registered Lobbyists (txaccess.texas.gov/eplsearch/) We work as hard to keep up with Texas’ elected officials, like Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, Senator Ted Cruz and more as possible so we can make sure our subscribers stay informed on what’s going on in state government each day check out TxEyes or sign up for email alerts at [email protected] to learn more! 🙂


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