ability is considered a(n) _______ and ________ attribute,

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The word “ability” is a noun that can be either an adjective or a verb. It has two definitions a quality or skill, and the power to do something. As an adjective, it means capable of doing something; as a verb it means to have the ability to do something. The verb form is the ability to do something. Plain English: To have the power or skill to do something; capable of doing something; able-bodied, having an underlying strength and capacity that enables one to perform tasks with little difficulty. Ability can also be a characteristic or state characterized by ease in achieving desired goals (ease) without being overcome by difficulties. The word “ability” has two definitions a quality or skill .. etc Here are some synonyms for “ability”: capability, faculty, aptitude, talent, knack. Here are some adjectives associated with “abilities:” deftnessful – marked by dexterity and adroitness¬† graceful – possessing physical grace¬† chameleon


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