abandon all hope ye who enter here tattoo,

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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. This is the phrase that appears on Dante’s Gate of Hell in “Inferno,” and it has been tattooed onto many people as a symbol of their adoration for this classic work. If you are looking for an amazing tattoo artist to help you get the exact design that you want, then look no further than Creative Ink Tattoo Company! Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. This phrase translates to “All hope abandon, ye who enter.” Dante encounters this saying on the gates of Hell in his epic poem “Inferno”. Abandoning your hopes at that point symbolized giving up any expectations for a good outcome or salvation and accepting damnation as one’s fate.- This tattoo also has an alternative meaning: it can mean not being afraid to experience something new. If you are thinking about getting this tattoo design then be sure to check out Creative Ink Tattoo Company! They have been creating amazing tattoos since 2007. You will get excellent customer service from friendly professionals every time you come in! Each artist is highly experienced and specializes in their own specialties


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