aaron tippin where the stars and stripes and the eagle fly,

boy, guitar, sitting @ Pixabay

This is a blog post about the patriotic song, “Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly” by Aaron Tippin. This song has become synonymous with being American and was even played at President George W. Bush’s second inaugural ball in 2005. This is a song about the country and how it’s built on certain values. It talks about America being one nation, that anyone can be an American if they “speak with their heart.” For more information or to purchase this track visit iTunes (link) or Amazon Music (link). If you are purchasing from Amazon Music please note: This song will not appear in your library until after midnight PST today when Prime Day starts. Ranking: 99 on Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart for July 15th 1992 I’m proud to live here where the stars and stripes and eagle fly; Free of fear so strong we’ll always reach high! When the world gets rough we know who to


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