a window frame will expand to fill the entire desktop

keyboard, computer, keys @ Pixabay

Windows 10 is an operating system that has been updated with many new features. One of the most interesting features is how windows open and close on your desktop screen. Now, when you open a window, it will automatically expand to fill the entire desktop instead of staying in its frame. This gives users more space for their work! This is a new feature on Windows that will expand windows and give you more space for your work.

keyboard, computer, keys @ Pixabay

This now allows the user to fill the entire desktop screen with their window, instead of being restricted by a frame. The only thing that I don’t like about this update is how it automatically expands my window when I open it- there’s no way to stop or change this setting! But other than that, everything else has been great so far. The transition was seamless and easy because of Microsoft’s support teams who were always available at customer service chats if anything happened during the installation process.

Overall, Windows as an operating system has had many updates over time but people are still saying they’re not sure yet what these changes mean for them.


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