A vehicle should never be parked close to another.

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When you are driving on a street and see someone parked their car closer than 20 feet to the curb.

What is your first thought?

Is it that this person must not know what they are doing? Or do you think “maybe I can get by?” The truth is, if you ever find yourself feeling like getting around this illegally parked vehicle would be easy, then chances are you will end up with scratches or dents in your vehicle.
In this blog post, we will tell you what is the minimum distance a motor vehicle should be parked from a curb and why. One of the most common parking violations on residential streets in San Diego is people who park too close to the sidewalk or crosswalk , even when they are not blocking it. This can result in cars being scratched, dented or damaged by careless drivers making quick turns onto side streets.
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Curb markings indicate where vehicles should stop parallel to the street with enough space for traffic to pass safely behind them. California law requires that motorists refrain from obstructing these intersections at all times as well as keep their car 20 feet away from any roadway edge such as curbs and sidewalks.


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