A personal mission and vision statement.

brain, mind, psychology @ Pixabay

A personal mission and vision statement should include all of the following except:  a desired future state or goal for your life , an account of what you have accomplished or plan to accomplish in the future , a list of qualities that are important to you, which may include values, skills, knowledge, abilities, etc.

brain, anatomy, thinking @ Pixabay

An explanation as to why these things matter to you Number of sentences: 0.0 Bullet points: N/A, Numbered list items: N/A Unordered List Items: N/A, Blank lines in the text body are not counted as paragraphs. Paragraphs begin with an empty line and end at a paragraph-ending period 🙁 or other punctuation mark such as ?! or ·).

The largest number of consecutive blank lines should be no more than three on one page before starting another paragraph. See How to create a long form blog post for tutorials about how to add formatting so that your blog posts have consistent visual appeal (such as recommended font family combinations). Other types of content may have different requirements.


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