Being unemployed is sad.

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The unemployed university student is a reality for many people. In this blog post, I will share my story and what it was like to be out of work and living in the dorms on a full-time basis. I started out my time at the university with a full scholarship and no outside income. I had been looking for jobs during high school but never found anything that was fitting to apply to.

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When I finally did find something, they told me it would be best if I continued to go to school while working there because of hours needed in order for them to hire someone on the spot.

So when I began going off-campus after freshman year, all of that money went towards tuition fee payments as well as dorm rent and everything else college life requires. Being unable to work really made balancing my time difficult so things like extracurricular activities were put on hold or delayed until after graduation day (assuming those organizations are still around). 


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