A unit of work should appear at only one place in the WBS.

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No matter what your position in an organization, you are tasked with completing a certain amount of work. This can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if the work is not broken down properly.

One way to create order from chaos is to use single-branch WBSs. Single branch WBSs are great because they allow for all tasks on one level of the project to be completed before moving up or down its hierarchy levels. It also helps keep projects on schedule by organizing tasks into manageable parts that don’t overlap with other responsibilities.

Example for this-

As an example, imagine you’re working on a marketing campaign for the company. You would list all of the tasks necessary to complete that campaign in order from most important to least important so as not to overlook any steps. Then you would have different branch levels with each level still being organized chronologically like this: forming plan -> writing content -> creating graphics -> publicizing it. This way, if someone needs help completing one task or another, they can go back up their hierarchy and find what’s needed without having to search through your entire project. Now let’s say after finishing all of these tasks we decide that there is more money left over than anticipated; we need more cash for some other projects around our office.

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