a tree that has leaves that are shaped to help water drip off them would most likely live where?,

drop, splash, impact @ Pixabay

In order to answer this question, we have to first figure out what type of tree it is. We can assume that the leaves are shaped such that water will drip off them because they live in a region with heavy rainfall. Some examples of trees with these types of leaves would be the Cedar and Oak Tree. The Cedar Tree is found in the northern regions of Asia and North America. The Oak Tree can be found throughout most of the United States, Europe, and southwest Asia. Both types of trees typically live where there is a high level of rainfall. As for how they would survive in other climates, their leaves are shaped to help them thrive in wet environments so it wouldn’t make much difference either way! Tip: if you read at least one article each day on this blog, you’ll get tons of information about plants 🙂  Some people might think that these two trees could only grow in areas with heavy rainfall because they have adapted to such an environment (i.e., rain forests). However, both species can also be


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