a transnational organization is one where:,

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Transnational organizations are more common than ever before. A transnational organization is an organization that operates in two or more countries and crosses national boundaries in a variety of ways. These organizations operate on the assumption that they will never be able to serve all their customers through one country, so they must reach out internationally to find new markets for their products or services. Non-profit organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), are often transnational. WWF operates in 100 countries and has offices on six continents. Their goal is to protect endangered wildlife around the world by engaging businesses, policymakers and communities in their work. Each country office works with local partners to strengthen conservation efforts at a national level, while also looking for opportunities across borders where stronger coordination can yield greater impacts for nature’s benefits our own human well being. Only some of an organization’s staff may be physically located overseas; many will remain within their home country but have responsibilities that cross international boundaries. An example would be those who organize conferences or seminars abroad which draw participants from other nations, or whose training programs involve


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