a train is passing through stardew,

little boy, window, waiting @ Pixabay

A train is passing through Stardew Valley. It’s just a normal day for the valley, and the train seems to be going about its business as well. But it doesn’t seem like there are any passengers on board, which is strange. There’s always someone around who needs to get somewhere, so what gives? The train is passing by a farm with crops of all kinds, and the farmer seems to be hard at work. The player can help out on the farm for some extra cash or just watch as they go past. Then again, maybe this isn’t such an ordinary day after all.. A train suddenly passes through Stardew Valley – but what’s even more shocking than its sudden appearance are that there are no passengers aboard! What could it mean? Why would a passenger-less locomotive be going about in broad daylight without any warning signs? Is someone missing from town? Or worse yet – did something happen to them? If you’re feeling brave enough, see if you can find out! The only way to know will require


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