a train is passing through stardew valley,

train, locomotive, travel @ Pixabay

This is a blog post about my experience with the train passing through Stardew Valley. I was sitting on my porch when I noticed that a train was coming from afar, and thought it would be neat to take some pictures of it as it passed by. The track for this railroad goes all throughout the valley and connects many towns together! I have never taken pictures of a train, so I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping away. The sound was amazing! You could hear it in the background throughout the valley while capturing these scenes. There were many people who stopped what they were doing to watch this beautiful machine as it passed by. At one point, one of the engineers leaned out of his window for everyone on the platform to wave at him or her before he continued down the line.” This engineer’s gesture really made me feel like I had just experienced something special and unique that not many get to experience firsthand (especially when you consider how few trains actually go through Stardew Valley). It is moments like those that make living here all worth it!”


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