a traffic light that is not working should be treated the same as a,

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Traffic lights are meant to prevent collisions and maintain order on the road. But what should you do when one of them isn’t working? The answer is surprisingly simple: treat it as though it were a four-way stop sign. When you approach an intersection without a traffic light, look for signs that indicate that there is no signal controlling the intersection or any other indication of how cars should proceed through the intersection. If there are no such signs, assume that all drivers must come to a complete stop before proceeding through the intersections (a four-way stop). No, no. I’m not talking about traffic lights that are down due to power outages or other unforeseen circumstances: the red light just isn’t working! This is a surprisingly common problem and can cause serious problems if there’s nobody directing traffic at an intersection with multiple roads in all directions. If you’re lucky enough to see someone directing traffic from one of the intersections before yours without any cars coming then drive up behind them until they get off their post (you’ll be able to see what side of the road they were on) and take over for them so as not to cause confusion among drivers as to which direction leads where; otherwise, proceed through like it was a four-way stop sign – come to a complete stop first,


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