a town in central or south america where it rarely goes above 85 degrees at any time,

toronto, skyline, sunset @ Pixabay

La Paz, Bolivia is an interesting place. It’s often said that it never gets hotter than 85 degrees there, which makes for a very pleasant climate year-round. But there are plenty of other things to do in La Paz besides just sitting around and being comfortable all the time! -There is an outdoor mall with lots of shops, as well as a large food court and movie theater. If you’re going to be in La Paz for more than just one day, it’s the best place to go on rainy days when there aren’t any other tourist attractions open. The National Museum of Art has some amazing artwork by both Bolivian artists as well as paintings from all over South America, including many that are up close enough so you can actually see brushstrokes! The museum also hosts temporary exhibits throughout the year and offers guided tours if needed although visitors may take photos inside without feeling obligated to buy anything (unlike at most museums!). Even though its climate might make people think


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