a tortfeasor is one who wrongfully alleges that a tort has been committed.,


A tortfeasor is one who wrongfully alleges that a tort has been committed. The term “tort” refers to civil law and it stands for an unreasonable interference with another person’s rights or the commission of such an act, causing injury that is not purely accidental. It can also refer to intentional infliction of emotional distress or defamation. A wrongful allegation of a tort committed can be made by anyone who knows they are making false statements about their claim and the other party never had any knowledge about it or if the other party did know but was prevented from defending themselves against them as well as when someone claims that something happened which cannot have occurred in reality (such as claiming that someone else caused damage to property). In the case of those who are in charge or have control over someone’s property, it may not be considered a tort for them to make false statements about what happened on that property; this is because they would know better than anyone else. For example, if you rented an office space from me and I told your landlord that there was damage done to my building which made it unsafe for people to enter, when really no such thing had occurred yet I did so out of spite against you, then I would be responsible for defamation. However if the person making false allegations does not need knowledge of their lie being untrue (i.e., they just want attention) then this can still count as a wrongful allegation even though they do not have any


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