a thing is right when it tends to preserve,

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The idea that something is right when it tends to preserve, as opposed to create or destroy, seems at first like a fairly straightforward concept. In reality, though, the definition of what constitutes “right” can vary from person-to-person and situation-to-situation. What might be considered “right” in one situation could easily be considered wrong in another. This blog post will provide 11 principles for keeping your idea intact so you are sure you’re making the best decisions possible for your company’s future success! 11 Principles for Keeping Your Idea Intact: -Know your niche. What are the qualities, in a nutshell, that make you different from others? This is what will set you apart and help establish you as an expert in your field. Build on strengths not weaknesses. It’s always important to find out where people already love or respect something about your company before trying to change it or do anything else with it! Don’t try to fix things that aren’t broken just yet – instead of finding ways to improve who they are, focus on building upon their current successes. Don’t be afraid of failure; know when it’s time to cut ties with old ideas/projects stop spending valuable resources


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