a successful persuasive message to subordinates should use,

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When you are the boss, it is important to use persuasive language when giving instructions to your subordinates. A successful persuasive message should include a clear goal and desired outcome of the request, as well as an explanation of why this is in their best interest. Here’s how you can create a successful persuasive message: A) State clearly what they need to do B) Explain why they need to do it C) Make sure that there will be some kind of reward or recognition for following through on these requests D) Give them a timeframe for when they need to complete the task or action E) Make it clear what happens if they do not follow through on these requests (e.g., will there be consequences?) F) Use words that are positive and optimistic, avoid using negative language like “don’t” or “can’t.” G) Be honest about your expectations of their performance expectations which can always be met with more training and coaching if necessary H) Offer praise in advance for any work done well in advance of the deadline or request. This is an important motivational technique you use regularly as a boss! I) Thank them when it’s finished so they know you appreciate their efforts!


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