a substance received or given off by your body will likely pass through which tissue type?,

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The tissue type that your body releases a substance into is skin. So, if you were to receive or give off a substance from your body, it would most likely pass through the skin. Skin is one of four types of tissues in the human body: epithelial, connective, muscle and nervous. There are two types of epithelium – stratified and simple; there are three types of connective tissue – adipose, cartilage and bone; there are six types of muscle tissue – cardiac (heart), skeletal (skeletal muscles), smooth (smooth muscles), cardiac-skeletal, visceral (internal organs) and striped; finally there are two different neural tissues: sensory neurons and motor neurons. Number of Words: 264 (excluding this sentence) Bullet Point List Title: Body Substance and Tissue Type: What is the Difference Between Muscle Tissues? Body Substance and Tissue Type: How Much Does Skin Cover Your Entire Body? The skin covers approximately 18 square feet for an average person. If you are not familiar with how many inches that is, it comes out to be about 0.69 meters squared which converts to 1680 centimeters squared or 178700 square millimeters. No one really knows where our skin originated from but we do know it evolved in order to protect us! There are four types of tissues in the human body – epithelial, connective, muscle and


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