a study was conducted to determine where moose are found,

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We have all heard the saying “moose are found in Maine.” But is this really true? Yes and no. There are two species of moose, Alces alces americana and A. a. gigas (also known as the giant or eastern moose). The study was conducted to determine where these different types of moose are found- it turns out that both species live in Maine! In this study, moose were identified as the animal in question through a DNA analysis of their droppings. The results showed that these animals are found all over Maine! They seem to have different preferences for habitat and food sources depending on which species they are (A. alces americana likes dark forested areas while A. a. gigas prefers to stay in wetland habitats). However, both species live throughout Maine with no specific geographic preference or predilection towards one type of ecosystem or another. One interesting note is that although both types of moose reproduce year-round, only female moose give birth during June and July each year suggesting an adaptation to patterns where food is more plentiful at certain times than others.


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